Musketeer, also known as Musket, is one of the 4 basic classes of Esgrima 2. It is the damage dealer of the 4 classes, wielding two weapons (pistol) instead of the normal one. The pros and cons of a Musket:


More damage

Average health (not sacrificed by the increase of damage)

Decent mana amount

Great skill tree (a lot of damage dealing skills, excluding 2 AoE skills)


Two weapons (difficulties when crafting)

Mediocre after unlocking Officer

Not very tanky (low defense)

More shots equals more of a chance for a foe's block or a miss

I definitely recommend this class if you're looking for a swift and sure damage dealer. However, the two weapons are a real downside to this class, as crafting is extremely repetitive. If you're looking for a class with less damage (moderate), but no huge sacrifices, go for the warrior.