New quest master

In Esgrima 2 the bulk of your leveling is guided by quests given out by NPCs (Non-Player Characters)

Availble QuestsEdit

You must be a certain level to accept a quest given by an NPC. When you have reached the required level, a yellow icon with an exclamation mark will appear above an NPC's head. Just run to the NPC and click on them. You will be prompted to accept the quest.

Quests In ProgressEdit


Once you have accepted the quest the yellow icon will turn to a white-grey icon with a question mark. 

You can also see all of your accepted quests in your quest tracker. The quest tracker is ther scroll and quil icon at the top-right of your screen. Clicking on this will open up a box that displays all of your quests. 

Nonfinished quest log

The quest tracker will display all of the relevent information about the current quests you have acquired:

  1. Item(s) needed
  2. Monster that drops the item
  3. The location on the map where the mob is located
  4. The kevel of the quest
  5. A quick synopsis that usually includes:
    1. Monster Name
    2. Moster Location / Map Location
    3. Number of items / monsters required
  6. The current progress of the quest (how many ## / ## you have gathered or killed) 
  7. The quest rewards (XP/Denars/Items)

Finsihed quest master

Completed QuestsEdit

Once a quest has been completed the icon will change to a green exclamation mark above the NPC's head. 

When you have met all the requirements for a quest, they will display in your quest tracker highlighted in red. 

Finished quest tracker